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Nil offers

This is an offer to pay nothing towards a non-priority debt. You may have to do this if there is no spare money left over on your financial statement after reaching arrangements with any priority creditors you may have.

Non-priority debt

This is a debt which cannot directly result in the loss of something essential, such as your car or home, if you do not pay. This means they do not have to be treated as a priority. The most common non-priority debts include:

  • credit card debts;
  • unsecured personal loans with finance companies;
  • bank and building society unsecured loans and overdrafts;
  • charge cards;
  • catalogues;
  • water arrears (you cannot be disconnected simply for non-payment);
  • doorstep collected loans;
  • credit sale agreements; and
  • trading cheques or vouchers.

The person or organisation that you owe money to is often known as a 'non-priority creditor'.