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Accountant in Bankruptcy (Scotland)

The administrative supervisor of sequestrations (bankruptcies) in Scotland.

Administration order (England & Wales)

A county court order that allows a single payment every month into the court. The payment is divided by the court amongst creditors on a pro-rata basis. An administration order stops creditors from taking further action and any interest and charges that were being added onto the debts are stopped. To be eligible, you must have at least two different debts totalling under £5000 and an unpaid county court or high court judgment. Read more about administration orders.

Attachment of earnings order (England & Wales)

An attachment of earnings order (AEO) instructs your employer to make deductions from your earnings in order to pay a debt. The employer sends these payments directly to the court.

An AEO can only be sought when you have defaulted on the payment terms of a county court judgment. Read more about AEOs.