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What if my creditors won't accept my offers?

When you make an offer of payment to your creditors (the people you owe money to), some creditors may accept your offer and others may not. If a creditor does not accept your offer, you can ask them to reconsider.

My Money Steps will help you work out what is a fair and reasonable payment offer to make to your creditors. Using My Money Steps may make it more likely that your offers will be accepted because it shows your creditors that you have had proper advice about how to deal with your debts.

If you have already used My Money Steps, but a creditor is still refusing your offer, visit the National Debtline website for more advice and information. National Debtline has a fact sheet called 'What if a creditor refuses my offer of payment?' which includes sample letters you can use to ask creditors to re-consider your offer.


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