A personalised step-by-step action plan

My Money Steps will give you a personalised step-by-step debt advice action plan that’s tailored to your circumstances.   The action plan will include information about your options and give you solutions to deal with your debts. My Money Steps will prioritise your action plan for you so that you have easy-to-follow steps to help you deal with the most important things first.

My Money Steps helps you to get organised, with the option of setting yourself reminders so that you don’t forget any of the steps, or miss an important action. You can print your action plan to use it as a reference when you’re are not logged in, or even put on your notice board or fridge as a handy reminder! 

My Money Steps is an interactive service so will respond to any changes in information you make, which means that you will always get debt advice and solutions specific to your circumstances.  It will even prioritise the solutions for you and guide you through the steps to deal with your debts.

My Money Steps saves the information you enter each time so if any of your circumstances change you should go back in to your account and  update your information to  get further advice. This also means that if you don’t have all the information you need to complete a section you can always go back and finish it later.