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Initial Checklist - About You

To check that My Money Steps will be able to help you, first you need to answer the following questions. You will also need to use the scroll bar opposite to ensure you answer all the questions.

Do you find it hard to understand written English?

Do you live outside England, Scotland and Wales?

Are your debts from a country other than England, Scotland or Wales?

Have you received a statutory demand or a bankruptcy petition?

These are formal documents that a creditor has to serve in order to make you bankrupt. They are not the same as ordinary collections letters or a default notice.


Are you self employed?


We need a little more information to determine the best way of assisting you. Are you or your business:

a partnership?

a sole trader with another source of income (such as wages, other businesses or rental income)?

a sole trader with debts to the company you have a business account with?

a director of a limited company or a member of a limited liability partnership but you do not know your net monthly income after tax and national insurance?


Do you or your business have:

any overdue business rates, tax, national insurance, VAT, supplier debts, business rent or hire of vehicles or equipment?